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10 Wordle alternatives to keep you guessing all day


Let’s face it, guessing one word a day doesn’t cut it for most people. While this is part of what makes Wordle so popular, you may want some more alternatives to keep your brain busy through the rest of the day. Here are ten Wordle alternatives that can help you out with that.


Considered one of the most difficult versions of the viral game, Absurdle is just as hard as it sounds. The game requires you to guess one word at a time, but keeps changing the correct word after every chance. This depends on what green or yellow letters you grabbed in the previous chance.

For instance, if the word to guess is TIGER and you instead guess CRATE, Absurdle will note the correct letters, the T, R and E, and change the word from TIGER to something like STERN where the positions of the correct letter are now shuffled. Thankfully, the game does offer infinite chances.


Remember the relaxed nature of Wordle? Squabble throws that out the window,…

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