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14 Must-Watch Movies for Investors


14 Must-Watch Movies for Investors

Watching movies is the perfect pastime for relaxing, laughing, and fighting boredom. Sweetening the deal for your entertainment needs is a plethora of films centered around Wall Street and the stock market, and many of which are filled with thinly-veiled lessons and messages on life, money, faith, and so much more. 

Pop the popcorn, change into something comfy, and kick your feet up. It’s time to watch a movie and learn something thought-provoking. Take a look at these 14 must-watch movies for investors to understand the stock market, valuation, real estate investing, and mindset. 

1. Wall Street (1987)

One of the most well-known Wall Street movies is the 1987 classic Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. This action-packed drama…

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