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2023 Presidency: The north tackles the south


President Muhammadu Buhari: The North and South of Nigerian struggle for his seat

By Richard Elesho

Nigeria is on the edge. With an ever-deteriorating economic downturn laced with rising insecurity and secessionist agitations, these may not be the best of times for the country. But as the giant of Africa totters along the road to the 2023 general elections, discussions on which zone will produce President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor are threatening to widen the fault lines.

Although the elections are still almost two years away, debates over which zone will produce the next president is gradually turning into a house of commotion.

Since her return to democracy in 1999, there has been an unwritten understanding that in the spirit of federal character and all-inclusive governance, the presidency should rotate between the two broad regions in the country, namely north and south. Thus, like participants in a relay race, the next in line waits eagerly…

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