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4 Essential Habits of High-Performing Loan Officers


Rates and terms rarely differentiate one lender from the next in today’s increasingly competitive financial market. What does?

Loan officers.

Not just any loan officer, though — only the ones pegged as “high performers.” It’s these high-performing lenders who provide the valuable guidance and personalized customer service borrowers crave while operating more effectively and efficiently than the rest.

These loan officers have found new, technology-enabled ways to do their jobs. They’ve built new habits. They’ve discarded what didn’t work. And all of it has happened just in time.

The mortgage industry funded $3.83 trillion in new volume last year, with 6.9 million existing homes forecasted to be sold in 2021 — the best year for home sales since 2005, according to Zillow. But it’s a much different mortgage market right now than it was in 2005, or even last year.

Today’s market is…

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