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4 shops owned by same business owner broken into within 4 days in Glendale, Simi Valley and North Hollywood


Four eateries owned by the same business owner were all broken into within four days of each other, the latest being in Glendale Monday morning.

Arthur Arushanyan says he received one call after another about his businesses being burglarized: on Friday, a PokiTomik location in Simi Valley; on Saturday, right next door, his ice cream shop Whats Rollin; hours later, another PokiTomik in North Hollywood; and Monday at 5 a.m., the PokiTomik location in Glendale.

“It’s tough because money comes and goes but emotionally, me and my wife have been on it because every morning now we are getting a call from another location broken into,” Arushanyan told KTLA.

Surveillance video shows the thieves breaking into the Simi Valley eatery, breaking a small window and crawling to get to the registers and the safe.

The safe contained not only about a weeks worth of cash but also all of the employees’ tips, Arushanyan says, adding that he’s…

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