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4 ways cybercriminals can try to extort you and how to stay safe


Cybercrime is a world in itself — the virtual world leaving a trail of destruction in the real world. It ranges from bullying, email spam, phishing and online scams to identity theft, posting illegal and offensive content on the web and accessing or uploading child pornography.

Cybercriminals are constantly making new tricks to extort money from you. Sometimes they lure you into some offer or try to hack into your computer or make you click on a malicious link. Therefore, it is very important that caution should be exercised so that the designs of these cybercriminals can be thwarted.

We’ve rounded up four tactics cybercriminals use to trick users.

Fraud through UPI

Money can be sent to anyone or received easily through the Unified Payment Interface. The fraudster sends a ‘request money’ link to a person and as soon as he clicks on that link and enters his PIN thinking he’ll receive money, it is deducted from his…

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