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41 people lost $203k in ‘Filmgo’ movie ticket buying scam, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – At least 41 individuals fell prey to a movie ticket buying scam and lost a total of $203,000 this month.

The Singapore Police Force said on Thursday (Nov 25) that the scam was linked to companies with “Filmgo” in their name.

Victims were invited to participate in a job commission scheme over messaging platforms such as MiChat and WeChat.

Filmgo Production and Filmgo Digital were part of the scheme that tricked the victims into thinking they could earn a commission by buying and selling movie tickets.

Those who fell victim were directed to create accounts on Filmgo websites, where they were asked to download mobile applications to use the service more conveniently.

They would then be required to top up their accounts in order to fund the purchase of the movie tickets and to receive commission from ticket sales.

Scammers provided the victims with bank accounts belonging to individuals of unknown identity for payments to be made.


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