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5 world market themes for the week ahead

The week to come will give European Central Bank policy makers another chance to ponder just how sticky inflation really is, while U.S. earnings will be dominated by FAANG companies.

In China, an imminent default of China Evergrande Group might be off the cards for now, but troubles seem far from over.

Markets in Britain are bracing for new budget forecasts, while bitcoin is back for a rollercoaster ride.

Not for the first time – and likely not the last – the European Central Bank has a delicate balancing act on its hand.

At its meeting on Thursday, it will face pressure to acknowledge that inflation is proving stickier than anticipated. The U.S. Fed will likely start tapering within weeks, Bank of England comments suggest a UK rate hike is coming soon and the likes of Norway, New Zealand have already tightened.

Will the ECB follow?
It has good reasons, such as subdued wages, to stick with its message that long-term price pressures remain weak and…

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