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6 Scams for College Students to Avoid — Scam Guards


TUCSON (KVOA) – During this time of the year, college students are having to spend money on tuition payments and school supplies as they begin a new semester. However, scammers are taking this opportunity to try to steal some of that money through various schemes and scams. 

According to Better Business Bureau’s most recent Scam Tracker Risk Report, adults ages 18-24 reported the highest median losses ($150) and many of the scams took place online.

With many colleges considering their COVID-19 policies for school years, scammers will still take advantage of the situation using tactics that have worked in the past. One tactic that has been used to get students’ personal information is a phishing email that claims to be from the school’s “Financial Department.” The email claims to have information about an economic stimulus check or may ask for personal identification…

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