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7 easy ways to spot phone scammers


Phone fraud is on the rise, with billions of robocalls targeting US citizens each month. An estimated one in three Americans admit that they have been victims of phone fraud in the past year. The numbers are staggering and can cause significant losses to those who fall into their prey. Here are seven ways to recognize a phone scammer:
1. They will contact you
One-sided phone calls that require payment or personal information are usually fraudulent. Many people are fooled as scammers start using familiar phone numbers to make them look more legitimate. This includes calls that look like calls from neighbors or area codes. On the other hand, if you don’t know the area code, there is a possibility of fraud. The Better Business Bureau warns that there are places outside the United States where phone numbers actually look like long-distance phone numbers in the country. For example, 809 and 284 are Caribbean area codes.

3. The caller…

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