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7 Pressing Cybersecurity Questions Boards Need to Ask


For every new technology that cybersecurity professionals invent, it’s only a matter of time until malicious actors find a way around it. We need new leadership approaches as we move into the next phase of securing our organizations. For Boards of Directors (BODs), this requires developing new ways to carry out their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, and oversight responsibility for managing business risk. Directors can no longer abdicate oversight of cybersecurity or simply delegate it to operating managers. They must be knowledgeable leaders who prioritize cybersecurity and personally demonstrate their commitment. Many directors know this, but still seek answers on how to proceed.

We conducted a survey to better understand how boards deal with cybersecurity. We asked directors how often cybersecurity was discussed by the board and found that only 68% of respondents said regularly or constantly. Unfortunately, 9% said it…

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