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70% of Crypto Investors Joined in 2021 (Survey)


According to a research handled by the large digital asset platform Huobi Group, nearly 7 in 10 crypto holders entered the market in 2021. Despite the rising interest in the asset class, approximately 25% of the participants believe “it’s all a scam/bubble,” which is going to collapse, the survey estimated.

7 in 10 Entered The Crypto Ecosystem Last Year

Huobi’s poll consisted of more than 3,000 people. The company conducted it in mid-December 2021, while the results were released on January 13.

Nearly every third participant admitted they are currently crypto holders. A deeper analysis revealed that the vast majority (68%) began investing last year. In comparison, only 9% said they jumped on the crypto bandwagon more than four years ago.

Huobi Chart, Source: Huobi Group

46% of investors revealed they had allocated $1,000 or less in the asset class. At the same time, 25% admitted investing between $1,000 and…

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