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A Conversation With … Mark Maples


Last month, you succeeded Doug Marrs. What are your primary objectives in the role and what are the biggest challenges?
To continue the tradition here at Great Southern of fiscal responsibility and strategic banking. That’s one of the strengths of the organization. We’re always looking down the road. There’s a number of challenges short term that I’m sure all businesses are facing; it’s not isolated just to the financial industry. Primarily staffing. The combination of the economy and the prevalence of stimulus funding, it’s just a very challenging labor market right now.

You’ve spent part of your four-decade career in banking helping consumers and businesses protect themselves from fraud. What are the greatest threats you see today?
Right now, we’re seeing, and we have for some time, elevated levels of relationship scams targeting, lots of times, vulnerable individuals. They do their homework. They check obituaries and…

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