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A fraught and rocky energy transition pathway


Two wide-angle new essays explore how the global movement away from fossil fuels could be wrenching and geopolitically messy.

Driving the news: Adam Tooze’s piece in Foreign Policy covers a lot of ground. One key takeaway: He warns that it’s not clear if the red-blue U.S. political and policy divide will ever be successfully bridged, despite clean energy’s growth in conservative states, its growing economic importance and Wall Street’s increasing buy-in.

  • “To imagine that economics leads to political de-escalation would be, to say the least, historically naive,” the Columbia University historian writes.

Threat level: Tooze warns that one potential future is fossil fuel producing regions locked in a struggle with the left — one that leaves the U.S hobbled in the low-carbon economy and lacking a clear strategy.

  • “The possibility of a deepening sociopolitical divide around the climate issue and inconsistent and incoherent policy cannot be denied,” Tooze…

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