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A Further Discussion On ‘Denationization’ – OpEd – Eurasia Review


By Kung Chan

“Denationization” is a geopolitical concept constructed in the wake of the war in Ukraine. It refers to the use of geopolitical tools, that is, effective sanctions, to make a country losing its substantial status as a nation. In effect, “denationization” is a geopolitical weapon, and its very existence signifies that geopolitics is no longer an idle talk in the academia.

When it comes to effective sanctions, there are mainly five aspects, namely seats in international organizations which are related to international status and voice of a country; financial systems such as the SWIFT system that has to do with capital flow; trade sanctions that involve the flow of commodities; direct capital sanctions including seizures of funds and are related to wealth and asset control; and finally technological commodity sanctions which impede a country’s future development potential. Generally speaking, these sanctions aim to cause a…

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