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A Hacker’s Brief: Avoid these scams | Columns


BBB Scam Tracker Alerts (Courtesy of the Better Business Bureau):

The suspicious package scheme: You receive a call, email, or text saying US Customs and Border Patrol has intercepted a suspicious package addressed to you. You’re instructed to respond immediately, or a warrant will be issued for your arrest. When you reach out, you learn they seized the package because it contained drugs, weapons, cash, or other contraband. The “officer” asks for your personal information in order to “verify your identity,” but it’s just a ruse to steal your identity. 

The sweepstakes scheme: In a version of this scam, you’re contacted by someone claiming to be associated with US Customs and Border Protection. This time, they don’t threaten you with arrest. Instead, they claim to have intercepted a package containing a massive sweepstakes prize. To receive your winnings, you need to pay a huge fee for special shipping labels.

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