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A Movie Villain on the District Attorney Campaign Trail


The actor Stephen Lang—best known for his role as the gleefully evil scourge of the Na’vi, Colonel Qua­ritch, in “Avatar”—was walking in midtown the other day, expressing dismay at the relative lack of pedestrian traffic and at the number of restaurants still shuttered. “It blows me away,” he said, after finding the Oyster Bar, Café Un Deux Trois, and Osteria al Doge all closed.

Lucy Lang and Stephen LangIllustration by João Fazenda

But Lang wasn’t in town for lunch; rather, as he walked, he wore a sandwich board that advertised his daughter Lucy’s candidacy for Manhattan District Attorney, a post soon to be vacated by Cyrus Vance. “I love Lucy Lang for Manhattan DA,” the board read.

“My first idea for how to ­campaign for my daughter came to me in my sleep,” Lang said. “I envisioned an airplane towing a banner. But my family talked me out of that one. It would have blown the entire advertising budget.”

Lucy Lang, who…

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