Home Business A quick home sale to a buyer could be a scam

A quick home sale to a buyer could be a scam



With a hot real estate market, the idea of selling your home in order to make money is tempting. And, there are buyers everywhere.

The low inventory has some offering cash on the spot. But, if you receive an offer, make sure to do your homework first.

Some offer cash even for homes that aren’t for sale. While those buyers can be legitimate, others could be scammers. Make sure you know the true value of your home before making any sales.

Try not to be taken advantage of by investors that want to manipulate you into making a quick decision.

Bryan Oglesby is with the Better Business Bureau and says you could get a text message or a knock on the door from someone waiting to buy your house immediately.

“This is a time where we really need to stop and do some homework and research know the difference between selling through traditional real estate agents to…

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