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A Roadmap for Redressing Facebook’s Harms


Twenty-three years ago, 46 states, private parties, and Big Tobacco reached the largest settlement of civil litigation claims in American history. Under that agreement, and related settlements with the other four states, the tobacco companies bound themselves to a host of restrictions on their marketing practices and have paid the states more than $200 billion.

That historic, bipartisan action should provide a blueprint for today’s state attorneys general (AGs) some of whom are investigating collective legal action against Facebook (re-named “Meta” on October 28, but we’ll continue to call it Facebook here). On Nov. 16, Ohio’s attorney general became the first to file such a lawsuit. Like the states’ tobacco lawsuits, the claims against Facebook will likely focus on deception relating to predatory marketing practices directly targeting children. Here, however, the claims should also go to Facebook’s role in enabling threats to national…

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