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A strong naval power with deterrence capability


History has proved that Greece must always be a strong naval power. Geography and geopolitics make it a strategic necessity for the country to have a navy that can, at the same time, defend every island and islet in the Aegean and have a presence in the Eastern, Mediterranean.

Even if we make optimal use of our diplomacy, the time inevitably comes when the fleet commander must take stock of his forces, know exactly what is available and play the game with what he has. Greece did this, successfully, last summer, with the crisis provoked by the presence of the Turkish Oruc Reis research vessel – at an enormous cost to the personnel and ships themselves, which operated at the limit of their capabilities for weeks on end.

But our navy is lagging behind, by a lot. Our ships are aging and even our strongest cards, such as our submarines, are in dire need of upgrades in weapons and systems. The time has come for brave decisions concerning the entire gamut…

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