Home Economy A tripolar world order will provide stability

A tripolar world order will provide stability


Global vaccination geopolitics is an analogy of the emerging new tripolar world order.


THE “BY THREE” WORLD: An old practice unique to Bengaluru city is two or three people sharing a cup of coffee, bowl of soup or a serving of food in a restaurant by ordering “one by two” or “one by three” coffee etc. The server then provides extra empty cups or plates so that the drink or food can be split into two or three portions. “By three” can now be a metaphor for global vaccination geopolitics, for globalization and for the emerging tripolar world order.
THE VACCINE WORLD ORDER: This pandemic has split the world into three groups. The western axis “Capitalist haves” with patented expensive vaccines, with unacceptable terms and conditions such as indemnifying against any adverse reactions, sovereign guarantees and providing national assets abroad as security for payments. The US Pfizer vaccine exemplifies…

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