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a Young Couple With 32 Rental Properties

  • Camron and Alexis Cathcart began investing in real estate after wanting to improve their situation.
  • They moved from Denver to St. Louis for affordable housing.
  • Now, they manage their properties and have wholesaled over 100 of them.

Camron Cathcart and his wife, Alexis, own 32 rental properties in St. Louis, records viewed by Insider showed.

It was a life path they didn’t plan. Cathcart was previously a pastor at a church in Denver, and the couple was living on a tight salary that didn’t allow for any unplanned expenses. 

After receiving a $15,000 medical bill from an emergency hospital visit that they couldn’t pay, they felt like they needed to reconsider their financial outlook.

Cathcart always had an interest in real estate, but the little he knew was from watching programs on HGTV. So in 2019, the couple took a leap of faith and…

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