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After the arrival of the blue dollar at $ 200, the Government tries to remove the issue from the campaign agenda and returns to bet on polarization


Less than two weeks before the November 14 elections, finally the dollar reached $ 200. The first reaction of the national government was to try remove the record price from the electoral agenda, focus on the issue of “prices” and reinforce the polarization with Together for Change, which will mark the last stretch of the campaign. Meanwhile, silence in the “political wing” of the ruling party.

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The same response received TN from officials of the Chief of Cabinet, Presidency of the Nation and of the field teams From the Front of All: “I do not handle that issue”. That “issue” was the impact of the dollar’s rise so close to the date of the elections.

The official speech had already been foreshadowed by the brand new presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, in his press conference this Thursday…

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