Home Real Estate Agents offer advantages in fast-moving market

Agents offer advantages in fast-moving market


The market is booming, homes are selling faster than ever, and home sellers are securing top cash deals. This hot housing market, along with the ability to use digital platforms to buy and sell homes, is making more people wonder whether they need a real estate agent at all. Especially as we continue to experience this strong seller’s market, the “for sale by owner” option may seem appealing – after all, there is record low number of homes on the market to compete with.

But it’s these exhaustive market conditions that should make home sellers truly consider the benefits of working with a knowledgeable real estate professional. I encourage everyone to make an educated and strategic decision when embarking on the journey that is the home buying or selling process, so I want to use this space to share four benefits of working with a real estate agent, as a seller, in this current market:

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