Home Tech Airplanes will emit less CO2 with this new technology

Airplanes will emit less CO2 with this new technology


This new technology is called ATS and developing into United States of america.

An automated system that has a lot of potential

The system consists of long trench shaped channels which are installed along the slopes which already exists. Then they are covered with two steel plates, one on each side.

are within each channel a motorized monorail device which runs along the banks of the canal. Through slots between the plates, the upper part of the tow truck is attached to another device called a tow truck, which is on the surface of the track.

When the aircraft has landed or is ready for takeoff, the unit is propelled to the front wheels of the aircraft. Then the pilot starts the engine for a sufficient amount of time. To move the wheels to the dolly.

The wheel is then lifted and the wheel on the dolly is lifted, and the towing cart is activated to push or pull the ship along the track. according to the requirements.