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Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office warns of jury duty scam


Aug 3, 2021, News Release

On August 3, 2021 Sheriff Chan Bryant of the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office warns the public of a scam in which callers pose as Sergeant Christopher Taylor or Lieutenant Mark Daniels and claims that the victim is about to be arrested for not appearing for jury duty but can avoid arrest by paying a fine. The Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office has recently received an increased number of phone calls from victims regarding these scams and deems it of the utmost importance to issue this Press Release to promote awareness and prevent more people from falling prey to such scams.

The scammers often provide information that seems very convincing, including the real names the location of the courthouse, court phone numbers, and case and badge numbers. Recent scammers have also included the victim’s maiden name, work address, home address, and date of birth, which further leads…

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