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Another Covid Lockdown Would Break The U.S. Economy


Thursday, last week after work. I jump on the last remaining Divvy bike outside my office and ride across the city to Chicago’s Gold Coast. I’m looking for a new suit. The first place I go to is completely slammed. Men are getting fitted for a return to their office for the first time in a year, and one group is getting prepared for a wedding. I check out the selection then call another outlet across the street. There are no open appointments for a week. I make my way over to Nordstrom

, where all the available stylists are busy taking care of customers. Clearly I’m not good at planning things, but the store is also frustratingly short-staffed. On my way out, I see Nordstrom has taken over the seating area next to the store with hiring managers interviewing people on the spot. I count at least seven applicants.

Time for me to go home. I order some Indian food for pickup and have…

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