Home Tech Apple AirTags review: Find anything, anywhere with style

Apple AirTags review: Find anything, anywhere with style


The lost and found services of Apple and Android haven’t really got their due. But these are conveniences that really use technology to help the user.

I have been a beneficiary more than once. The one incident that is top of mind for me was losing my iPhone 4 after a conference in Saigon about a decade back. I had just interviewed someone and had moved to another part of the large hotel when I realised I did not have my phone with me. Then it struck me to use the iPad to see if I could find the phone and it told me it was almost where I was sitting last. I was using it to record the interview and realised I would have left it on the sofa when I finished the chat. Within minutes I could secure my phone.

That was a decade back and the technology I’m sure has only improved. In fact, Apple is now taking its technology out of its devices, to small AirTags which literally can tag…

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