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Architect of ‘Farm Bank’ scam extradited to Turkey


Mehmet Aydın’s budding “business” career started on the basement floor of an apartment building in northwestern Turkey and made him a household name in the country for all the wrong reasons. A chapter in the life of 30-year-old Aydın ended late Saturday when the prime suspect in a massive Ponzi scheme was brought to the country from Brazil, in handcuffs and in the company of police officers.

Aydın is the founder of the infamous “Çiftlik Bank” or “Farm Bank,” a virtual farming simulator that promised its users to turn virtual animals and crops into real ones if they invested money. Aydın, who devised the enterprise in 2016, made good on his promise and opened farms in the real world and started paying the money back as Farm Bank’s user base grew. But like in all Ponzi schemes, payments were halted after a while and complaints started piling up. When a criminal investigation was launched and the company’s assets were seized in…

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