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Are we reaching Peak Cornwall? – Jacqui Merrington


Are we reaching Peak Cornwall?

Next month, the world’s most powerful leaders will descend on the Duchy for the 47th G7 Summit. Who would have believed that US President Joe Biden’s first visit to the UK would be to Carbis Bay? It’s only slightly more plausible than Elvis rocking up in Camborne (on the train on a Wednesday).

The meeting, which was announced out of the blue in January, has thrust what was once a near-forgotten outpost of the British Isles onto the world stage.

Cornwall was a county that was once named among the poorest in Europe. It was a place where the collapse of the mining industry had left pockets of serious deprivation and where its relative isolation and poor transport links had cast it far from the minds of the Westminster elite.

Since 1999, Cornwall has accessed £765 million in EU funding after being granted Objective One status. The funds helped build the Eden Project, develop Cornwall Airport Newquay and create the…

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