Home Markets Ashish Bhandari of Dubai Discusses Emerging Markets News

Ashish Bhandari of Dubai Discusses Emerging Markets News

Ashish Bhandari Dubai

Ashish Bhandari is a fund manager and investment advisor to companies in Dubai, India, and Mauritius, to name a few. To say Mr. Bhandari keeps up with the markets is a bit of an understatement. Below he shares news and investment trends from emerging markets that global investors should understand.

There’s no denying that most industries are struggling in 2021. From technology to beauty and entertainment, the pressures that many domestic economies have been under in recent months have led to severe supply shortages despite outrageous demand. And yet, many savvy investors have continued to scout opportunities for investment in emerging markets.

Here’s a selection of four recent stories in emerging markets news that you should be aware of.

Investors Eschew Concerns Over Chinese Regulatory Might

Despite a significant increase in the regulatory power exerted by China in recent weeks, overseas investors continue to regard the country…

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