Home Tech Atlanta Motor Speedway repave features new technology

Atlanta Motor Speedway repave features new technology


Hidden beneath the surface of the new reconfiguration is ground breaking science

Atlanta Motor Speedway was formerly one of the oldest surfaces in NASCAR. That changes for 2022 as the track is in the process of being repaved.

Drivers and fans alike didn’t want a repave, nobody asked for one. However, the old course asphalt created many issues with water. The old surface would hold water and take many hours to dry. That created issues on race weekends, with any sort of weather in the forecast.

The fact that the track held water created other issues. In the winter, water under the surface would expand and crack the asphalt. Every year, Atlanta Motor Speedway installed a compound in the cracks of the track, an attempt to limit the amount of water that could get into the track.

The old track was high maintenance.

2022 Repave: They’re going pack racing?

After the last race in 2021, track workers went to work. Walls were removed, the track surface was removed…

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