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Audacity drops plans to introduce Telemetry


Plans to add Telemetry to the open source audio editor Audacity have been dropped according to a new post on the project’s official GitHub repository.

The intention to add Telemetry was revealed in a post on the site in early May 2021. There, developers revealed that they wanted to introduce Telemetry in Audacity to focus development resources better.

The revelation came at an inappropriate moment, just days after it was revealed that project leadership changed.

The developers planned to ship future versions of Audacity with Telemetry turned off, so that no data would be transferred unless users of the application would toggle the setting first.

Another point of criticism that was leveled at the decision makers was that third-party solutions by Google and Yandex were selected out of convenience.

A post by the new project leader highlights that the team was caught by surprise by the negative response to the plan.

The decision has been made that Telemetry…

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