Home Business Australians lost $2.5m in pet scams

Australians lost $2.5m in pet scams


Wombat the rescue greyhound has no no idea his life was nearly turned upside down by the arrival of a Maine Coon kitten.Credit:Edwina Pickles

“They will just keep finding excuse after excuse to ask you for more money until the person has run out of money, or realises that they’re being scammed,” she said.

“It’s amazing how much extra people lose [after the initial payment] because they’re committed by this stage, they’ve fallen in love with the puppies, and they’ve already paid out money so they’re just focused on getting the dog to them.”

The price of puppies has risen dramatically because of increased demand during the pandemic, with some breeds that normally sell for $3000-4000 now commanding twice that.

Ms Rickard said this left people more susceptible to scams because they were more likely to be shopping around. COVID restrictions also made it difficult to meet the animal in person.

Ms Rickard recommended a reverse image search with…

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