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Bay Area man falls victim to ‘emergency scam’, wires $600 to stranger claiming to have kidnapped daughter


It was a phone call that Eric from Pinellas County will never forget. He’s asked us not to use his last name but he does want you to know his story. 

“So that’s when I said, ‘You’re kidnapping my daughter?’ He’s like yeah, man this is serious,” Eric recalled. “He puts her on the phone and it’s her saying, she’s crying, weeping and she says, ‘Pa, I’m sorry,’ and he snatches the phone off her,” he said. 

Soon he would be wiring a complete stranger $600. It all started Friday night. Eric is A DJ and was working at a wedding when he got a call from a number from Mexico. The caller had an accent and claimed to have just been involved in a crash with Eric’s daughter. The caller also claimed to have 10 kilos of cocaine in his car and began making dangerous threats. 

“At this point, I’m numb and I have tunnel vision I’m trying to…

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