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Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting 2022


Berkshire’s business meeting concludes with shareholder votes

Berkshire’s formal business meeting followed nearly five hours of Q&A with Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Shareholders voted on a number of proposals at the meeting.

The proposal that garnered most attention was from the non-profit National Legal and Policy Center. It calls for the company to strip Buffett of his chairman role. Shareholders voted down the proposal backed by CALPERS, the largest U.S. public pension fund.

Brunel Pension requested the board of Berkshire to publish an annual assessment addressing how the company manages physical and transitional climate-related risks. The number of votes against the motion outnumbered the ones for it.

One shareholder also took issue with Berkshire’s climate change initiative. The proposal called for Berkshire to issue a report addressing if and how it intends to measure, disclose, and reduce the GHG emissions associated in alignment with the…

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