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Best of 80s: The tech that defined the decade


The 1980s is a decade that is often remembered for its significant contributions in shaping the tech of the future. The release of Nintendo GameBoy and NES, the rise of Sony Walkman and Trinitron TVs, the popularity of Casio calculator watch, and the craze for the Video Home System or VHS define the eventful ten years to a large extent. If you are obsessed with the gadgets of the 80s, this list will be a walk down memory lane for you.

Apple Macintosh

When Steve Jobs first revealed the Macintosh at the Flint Center on De Anza College campus on January 24, 1984, it wasn’t just another computer. It was Apple telling the world how to make a mass-market personal computer. The Macintosh 128K, as it was known back then, was remarkable in every sense. It had a 9-inch monochrome display and came with a keyboard and mouse. Not to forget, this was the first computer to bring graphical user…

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