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Better Business Bureau Warning of Online Shopping Scams


The Better Business Bureau says online purchase scams account for more than a third of all scam reports filed with the BBB, while four out of five people who report such scams say they lost money.

The BBB is warning online shoppers ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season to be aware of how scammers deceive consumers, no matter if they are actively shopping or simply browsing.

Some key warning signs include: if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is and professional photos do not mean it’s a real offer.

Beware of fake websites by checking the URL, checking for bad grammar, and researching the age of the domain. Beware of making quick purchases while scrolling through social media and be aware that shipment tracking information can be faked.

The BBB recommends doing research before you make a purchase. Look closely to make sure the shipper is a legitimate business. Don’t…

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