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Beverly Residents Victimized For $12K In ‘Grandparents Scam’


BEVERLY, MA — Beverly police are the latest on the North Shore to warn residents of an increase in telephone scams with scammers using numbers that appear to be coming from legitimate agencies like the IRS, Medicare, Social Security, the FBI and local police to target older residents.

Police said one Beverly resident was recently contacted and told to pay $12,800 to secure a bond for a relative. Police said the victims called police after someone posing as a bail bondsman came to their residence and collected the money.

Police said the man posing as a bondsman told the victims that the relative had been arrested. After collecting the money, the purported bondsman placed a phone call in front of the victims to someone he claimed was the “judge” and said everything was in order.

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“In recent weeks several departments throughout Massachusetts have seen this same…

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