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Beware of online pet scams during the holidays

  • Randy Hutchinson is the president of the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South. Reach the BBB at 800-222-8754.

Few things pull at our heartstrings more than the excitement of getting a new puppy at any time, but particularly during the holidays. And few scams are as cruel as posting heart-tugging photos of a puppy that doesn’t really exist for sale on the Internet and stealing money from people who fall in love with it.

People have been turning to the Internet more and more over the years to buy puppies and other pets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend, in part because isolated people wanted companionship.

A 2017 BBB investigation into online pet scams found that tens of thousands of consumers have been victims, losing hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Reports of pet scams to our Scam Tracker service grew from 884 in 2017 to nearly 4,000 in 2020. Only a small percentage of people report scams so the number of victims was certainly much…

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