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Beware these two scams on the rise in South Africa


The Insurance Crime Bureau (ICB) has recently issued a vehicle recall scam alert following a resurgence in the number of cases, while blue light hijackings are also on the rise again in South Africa, with Dialdirect Insurance urging vehicle owners to be vigilant.

“Criminals execute a recall scam by contacting unsuspecting vehicle owners while posing as officials representing a car manufacturer. They convince the owners that their vehicle is part of a batch being recalled due to some or other malfunction or mechanical issue,” said Anneli Retief, head of Dialdirect Insurance.

“With the promise of a repaired or replacement vehicle, many people buy into this scam and end up losing tens, or even hundreds of thousands of rands.”

The ICB said that initial contact is normally made telephonically, where a criminal posing as an official informs victims that their vehicle is being recalled.

This is often followed up with a spoof e-mail to make…

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