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Beware this scam in South Africa warns insurer


After recently splashing out on your dream car, you receive a call from the dealership stating that the model is being recalled to fix a defect. The manufacturer will bear the cost and it will be arranged for the vehicle to be collected.

This is inconvenient, but you agree and hand your vehicle over to the tow truck driver when he arrives.

Having heard nothing for a few days, you call the agent to follow up on the progress with your car, who informs you there is no recall and they never received the car.

This is when you realise you’ve been scammed. You are the victim of “theft under false pretence”. Even worse, your insurance policy wording excludes cover for loss where you release your insured property (your car) to a scammer without confirming with the manufacturer first.

So, what do you do now?

Report your car as stolen to the police. Then, immediately contact your insurer and explain what happened.

The chances may be slim that you’ll…

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