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Big Tech wants its workers back in the office


The escape from San Francisco is already over. According to data from the United States Postal Service, the number of people migrating from the Bay Area has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Big Tech wants employees to return to where they can see.

In the midst of a truly destructive global trend, the world’s largest destroyers stick to tradition. Companies like Google may have delayed the reopening of the office, but they haven’t given up altogether. This conservatism contrasts with the fundamental changes elsewhere in the sector. In May, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it would permanently close its San Francisco headquarters. Face-to-face gatherings are arranged for collaboration, but day-to-day operations are remote. “If office-based inertia took us into the future of work, we were almost a year ago,” writes Dominique Baillet, head of employee experience.

Like many employees, technicians don’t want to go back to the…

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