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Bill would postpone 2022 Illinois primary | Govt-and-politics


SPRINGFIELD – Lawmakers are considering a massive omnibus bill that would push back the date of the 2022 primary elections amid other major changes to the state’s election code.

It was filed Sunday night, and the General Assembly could move it through committees and floor votes in both chambers on the final day of the legislative session Monday.

An amendment to Senate Bill 825 would also strengthen the state’s cybersecurity surrounding elections and make Election Day a holiday among other provisions in the 156-page bill.

Under the legislation, in 2022, early voting for primary elections will start May 19 and Election Day will be June 28. State primaries are typically held in March, and the provision changing dates is set to expire at the start of 2023.

General Election Day, November 8, would also become a state holiday in 2022. It will be a legal school holiday, and any schools closing due to the holiday would “be made available to an election…

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