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Blackmailers breaking hearts on dating apps


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — With millions of people using dating apps, some con artists are looking to take advantage of the mystery surrounding the cyber world.

According to statistics from the website Business of Apps, in 2020, more than 270 million people used dating apps around the world.

The Better Business Bureau said they have seen an uptick in people claiming they have become victim of a new kind of romance scam – blackmailing.

The BBB warns dating app users against sending revealing photos or videos. After sending a photo of themselves, the scammer then asks the victim to do the same. Once they get that photo, they use your phone number or social media profile to look up names of people you know and threaten to contact them with those pictures.

BBB said as reported by the FTC, this particular scam has been circulating widely on dating apps common with the LGBTQ…

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