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Booker Addresses Afghanistan on Madison Mini Shopping Spree


MADISON – So, why didn’t the Afghan army do a better job defending its country? Cory Booker’s official reason for visiting Madison today was to tour the borough’s flourishing business district, but amid buying bagels, a few toys and some vegan ice cream, the senator briefly addressed that issue.

“We’re all witnessing what is a great and painful disappointment,” Booker said.

“You had so much American effort that went into training and equipping folks who did not have the will to fight to defend their government from the Taliban,” the senator added. “It’s just awful to see. There’s
going to be a lot of analysis and post-mortems on what happened there and how quickly major cities fell.”

The news from Afghanistan is changing quickly, but a lot of it is not good.

“It’s an anguishing situation,”  Booker said. “This has been an awful sort of end to a 20-year war.”

He said the nation must now focus on getting…

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