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Burnaby residents duped by text message scam


Tony thinks of himself as a pretty sensible dude.

But he loves to win stuff. He loves it so much that he enters any raffle he can and buys lots of lottery tickets. It’s also why he managed to get duped by a scam that has seen Burnaby residents like him get swindled before.

“If I win a free play on a scratch ticket I will literally jump in the air,” said Tony (he doesn’t want his full name used because he’s embarrassed.

Tony was victimized by a text message scam known as the “Amazon raffle scam.”

The scam – also known as the “fitness watch text” or the “Apple Watch raffle scam” – sees a congratulatory text message pop up on consumers’ phones, claiming they’ve won Airpods, an Apple Watch or “some other enticing prize from Amazon,” according to the Better Business Bureau. The text message also includes instructions to click a suspicious link to arrange delivery of the item.

The bogus raffle and the…

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