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Calendly alternatives make Google Calendar scheduling easy


For all the meetings most of us seem to have on our calendars these days, you’d think the act of scheduling would be a heck of a lot easier.

Sure, Google Calendar has its own built-in booking system, which is rolling out slowly but surely as we speak. But that system is available only for paying Workspace customers, and it feels more imitative than innovative.

The source of its inspiration is pretty clearly Calendly—the de facto standard scheduling tool for business professionals. Calendly, like its new Google Calendar equivalent, makes it easy for you to share your calendar availability with other people and then allow them to pick a suitable slot and add it directly onto your agenda. But as ubiquitous and convenient though it is, Calendly can’t be everything for everyone. It lacks some key features that would make the reliably awkward agenda-juggling dance significantly less annoying.

These three Google Calendar-connecting scheduling tools all…

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