Home Business Calgarians warned of used-car scam making the rounds

Calgarians warned of used-car scam making the rounds


CALGARY – The Better Business Bureau is warning Calgarians of a used-car-sales-related scam.

The BBB says some Calgarians selling their cars online are being approached by scammers who pose as potential buyers.

“The (fake) buyer indicates they are interested in the car, they ask the seller to supply a background check on the car using a specific website. The website is a scam, often created to gather credit card and personal information,” explained Mary O’Sullivan-Andersen, President and CEO of BBB Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay.

O’Sullivan-Andersen says typically the seller doesn’t provide the VIN report, so if someone asks for it that could be a red flag.

“Further, there are some well-known and trusted companies that provide these services.”

She also says to watch out for anyone sending cheques or money orders for more than the price of the vehicle. The BBB says in this case, scammers have requested that you…

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