Home Economy California unemployment claims jump amid reopening

California unemployment claims jump amid reopening


Unemployment claims in California jumped last week, a disquieting signal that the statewide job market continues to wobble despite attempts to reopen the economy in the wake of coronavirus-linked shutdowns.

California workers filed 68,600 initial claims for unemployment benefits during the week that ended on June 12, an increase of 15,700 from the 52,900 claims that were filed during the week ending June 5, the U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday.

Nationwide, workers filed 412,000 first-time claims for jobless benefits last week, an increase of 37,000 from the 375,000 claims that were filed the week before, according to the Labor Department.

The increase in unemployment claims in California suggests that the state’s economy hasn’t fully recovered from the brutal blows it has taken since March 2020, when state and local government agencies launched widespread business shutdowns to combat the coronavirus.

California workers lost their jobs in…

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